Premium CBD Products

Premium Hemp CBD is defined by the Holus Brand. The goal for this project is to create a approachable brand that will look great on the shelf and online. Holus products featured the finest refinement methods resulting in a consistent, high-quality product. The design reflects this purity, and takes CBD oil out of the smoke shop and into the mass-market retail environment. 

Defining the Style

The Holus style guide defines a clean, modern aesthetic. The target user for Holus is defined focuses on a user that is exploring alternative products, but wants purity and consistency that Holus delivers.

Logos, Packaging, Brochures, and More!

The full package of cohesive creative visuals brought this brand to life! From a full line of packaging from body products to edibles. 

Website Header

This project included creating graphics for the Website and other Social Media outlets. At some point, our team decided the background image of fuzzy people looked like aliens… do you see it? :) 

Tincture Bottles

Tinctures are a foundational product of this high quality CBD line. This packaging highlights the different types of CBD (THC Free and Full Spectrum) and flavors.