Hello, I’m Mary

A Visual Designer

visual designer

As a visual designer, I create  branding, packaging, websites (UI/UX), collateral, and graphics for big & small businesses.  I also help companies build their creative strategy by research, analysis, and leading workshops to help their team develop their creative vision.


I love developing a great brand. A logo and corresponding branding is the foundation of your visual style. Keeping your brand consistent and on point develops user loyalty.


Eye catching and functional packaging is my passion. Custom graphics, special touches will make your product stand out on the shelf or online.


Every business should have a website! Big or small, you want to get your message online. I build custom WordPress sites that stand out of the crowd, and allow you to update and edit content.

User Experience

UX design helps you understand and direct your marketing to your key users. Strategizing your business with a understanding of your user will convert browsers to active, happy customers.

Creative Workshops

Let’s get together with your team and get creative. Is it time to name a new product or do you have a tricky problem to solve? These workshops inspire creative ideas from those who know your business best—your team.

Custom Graphics

I love creating custom patterns, icons, and infographics. One-of-a-kind graphics help you stand out on social media. Infographics help you share your message easy to digest visual visual. 

I will Make Your Project a Priority.

Being a designer is part of who I am. I love using my skills and experience to make a business look and function better!

I have decades of experience in a variety of professional environments—advertising/marketing, in-house creative departments, publishing and education. 

As a creative professional that excels in project work, I collaborate with you to make a strategic plan–and then get busy making that happen!  

Lafsa + Co

Logo, Brand, and Website

Hemp Oil Company

Logo Concept. I love the simpliciaty and implied transformation of this design.


Nerd Girl

Never fear, Nerd Girl is here. This design features a logo, mini-branding guide and a one-page layout. Just right for a small business.


Holus is a full-line of CBD oil Products that is build on the foundation of pure, simple logo design. Clean design is featured throughout this pure, high-quality product that includes: branding, packaging, collateral and signage.

InMicro Engineering

This sleek logo design and brand is a good example of corporate branding for an industrial-type of company. The brand helps to subtleing suggest the precision of micron tiny parts INMICRO manufactures. Logo, Brand, and Website.

Pop So Cool

Pop-so-cool Frozen Treats is a fun product that is Dad-Approved. It features healthy, not too sweet, unique flavored popsicles created by a real-life dad. Logo, brand, packaging and web design. 


RE/LX Premium CBD

A CBD Brand that appeals that is holistic, but develops trust and consistency with its product.

Sea Clear Algae-Plastics

This clever product creates biodegradable plastics out of algae. Sea Clear features single-use types of products like baggies and cling wrap, making them a guilt free convience.

It’s time to take your design
to the next level!

What my clients say…

Expect great design! Work with Mary and you’ll discover an artist who has a sharp eye, flexible style and understands best practices for each medium. Add to her vast experience, a fun personality and ability to team up or lead others—and you’ve got your next, best designer!

Andrea Shakal, Owner @ Lafsa + Co.

I have worked with Mary for the last four years. She is a consummate professional, and her creative output is fresh and exciting. If I were building a "dream team", she would be on it.

Jeff Cronk, VP of Engineering @ Modus

The website is beautiful! Thank you for your hard work and quick turnaround.

Laurie Jonas, Board Member @ Pay It Forward, Red Wing