RE/LX CBD Bottles

RE/LX, we’ve got this.

Premium Hemp CBD is defined by the Holus Brand. The goal for this project is to create a approachable brand that will look great on the shelf and online. Holus products featured the finest refinement methods resulting in a consistent, high-quality product. The design reflects this purity, and takes CBD oil out of the smoke shop and into the mass-market retail environment. 

Defining the Style

The Holus style guide defines an aesthetic that appeals to a more organic, hipster sense of style. The target user for RE/LX is defined round a user that is exploring alternative products, but wants purity and consistency that RE/LX CBD delivers.

Below, the CBD flavor icons help customers find their favorite flavors quickly.

RE/LX CBD Flavor Icons
RE/LX CBD Logo and Graphic

Box Designs

This project included creating graphics for boxes that coordinate with the bottles. 

RE/LX CBD Bottles

Tincture Bottles

Tinctures are a foundational product of this high quality CBD line. This packaging highlights the different types of CBD (THC Free and Full Spectrum) and flavors.