Brand Gallery

I love working with small-to-medium businesses (and you awesome non-profits!) to create beautiful visual brand identities. Featured below is just a small selection of projects I’ve worked on—to see more examples of brands that might not be showcased below reach out to me.  

Lafsa + Co

Lafsa + Co is a small design agency (that I am an co-owner with my long-time partner in marketing. Together, we manage bigger projects that include design, marketing, SEO, Video and More. 

Hemp Oil Company

Logo Concept. I love the simplicity and implied transformation of this design.


Aception Health

Aception Health Oil manufactures pure, high quality, lab-tested business to business CBD oil. The brand denotes this clean, precision, high quality and lab-tested vibe.


Holus is a full-line of CBD oil Products that is build on the foundation of pure, simple logo design. Clean design is featured throughout this pure, high-quality product that includes: branding, packaging, collateral and signage.

InMicro Engineering

This sleek logo design and brand is a good example of corporate branding for an industrial-type of company. The brand helps to subtleing suggest the precision of micron tiny parts INMICRO manufactures. Logo, Brand, and Website.

Pop So Cool

Pop-so-cool Frozen Treats is a fun product that is Dad-Approved. It features healthy, not too sweet, unique flavored popsicles created by a real-life dad. Logo, brand, packaging and web design. 


Nerd Girl

Never fear, Nerd Girl is here. This design features a logo, mini-branding guide and a one-page layout. Just right for a small business.

Sea Clear Algae-Plastics

This clever product creates biodegradable plastics out of algae. Sea Clear features single-use types of products like baggies and cling wrap, making them a guilt free convience.

Virus Response Team

The River Falls Virus Response Team is a local grassroots organization formed in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Organizers wanted to be able to get supplies to those who are unable to leave their home.

RE/LX Premium CBD

Consistent, well-made, Wisconsin sourced CBD takes CBD out of the smoke shop and into the mass-market retail enviroment.


Make Shift Happen Design

Design is all about creating change and solving problems. Make Shift Designs focuses on solutions to everyday problems.

Bright Side Portraits

Great portrait photography is a gift to you and your family. Photographer Noah Wolf has been capturing weddings for decades and this venture focuses on portraits.